GrownTalk: 1

Pressure, something you thrive off, something that pushes you, it makes diamonds right? But what about the type of pressure no one talks about. The one society & life puts on us…. one thats increasingly grown with the way social media is a mainstay in all our lives.

Recently if there’s one thing that has struck with me it’s the point of stop trying to figure out; how to figure things out. There is no set way, no one path is the same, & what works for someone else may not necessarily work for you.

I have a lot of what we call “olders” the grown folk within the community. The ones that have been there; done that & seen it all. & they always say.

“Why are you rushing for?, you still got time”


“Your only 23 not 45” ….

But the pressure starts from young, when you have to be the one to make something of yourself, because all the role models around you are not very good ones…. you don’t want to be like them so you try & be different. Emotional pressures a real thing too, you want to give the people you love everything because they deserve it, but deep down you can’t because you don’t even know what you want out of life. So if you don’t know what YOU want, how can you give everyone you love what they want?

That’s when you start to fall, all of a sudden your age mates seem to be doing good, nice cars, “happy” relationships” …. moving into houses, graduating you name it.

Then there’s you. Stuck between working to live just to get by & “fuck being told what to do, follow your dreams… you only have one life.. you know the rest.

All of that is true, you should live a life of happiness, one were you follow your dreams but figure out what you want first.

Not everyone can be the pro baller, the Youtube star or the millionaire over night.

Stop boxing yourself in, let go of expectations. Try things when the time & energy’s there go out & learn something. We fill our heads with work, work, work. You end up burning out. Sometimes just pick up a book, go for that walk. Empty out your head. Its filled with so much stuff we forget a lot of us aren’t happy cause of expectation. We don’t let go enough.

Ease the pressure. Cause truth is I have no clue what I want to do in life and i’m okay with that. Since accepting that I’ve been a lot more happier.

It’s not to say i’m not ambitious or I have no drive but we forget our whole life is in front of, life’s designed to box you in. When in actual fact…. that box is there for all your accomplishments, your lessons & the amount you’ve grown.

The parting message is this… everyone has a path & purpose, everyone has a time & moment… yours will come live a little you’ll know when your ready.

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