Live Free

We live in such a disposable period of time everything is always replaced or better, Technology; Fashion, Relationships.

I look around and its actually quite sad how image is at the forefront of everything. Image took over my life…. It’s as if these last few months i’ve been in a trance and i’ve snapped out of it; everything’s starting to make sense again.

I was chasing something you can never obtain, the more you chase after it the further away it gets and therin lies the trap. You never truly appreciate the feeling of contempt. You always want more.

What everyone else has is better, & what you have is never enough.

What everybody wants out of life is different. There’s no rulebook to say you should want the same as everyone else. If your driven by money & material things, I hope you find all the money in the world, you bask in luxury & everyone you love is taken care of…. it feels like i’m straying off topic. Ironically i’m about to say fuck the internet but without it I wouldn’t be able to spread my content. How conflicting….

But fuck the internet for all the negative thing’s its created for making it seem like a bad thing if your materialistic… for all its false narratives of “if they’re a real friend than” ….. or what relationships should be…. all that is air & dead.

Life live, be happy and just be yourself. You may be somebody that is stimulated by experience, connection & meaning. New places….. hearing other’s story’s exploring yourself.

And that’s okay too… I’ve found contempt & understanding within the fact I can only live my life for me but at the same time how can I put this…..

Nobody comes to your Funeral because of what you did, they come because of who you were

So I try to be kind, selfless and show the people I hold close I care, it doesn’t always happen but nothing’s ever perfect you live and learn.

I’m not here to be a hypocrite all I can do is be honest I got caught in trying to convince everyone else I was happy, but I wasn’t. That phase of my life is over. Real happiness start’s with yourself.

Give without expecting things in return…. but take care of yourself too its okay to be selfish sometimes…..

Ask if you need to know but don’t assume…. (shout out sis for teaching me that the hard way)

Most of all live life freely, unapologetically & in the end as long as you lived it for you…..

Nothing else really matters…..

Shum. 🖖🏾

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